Artisan’s House and Workshop, Ultzama (Spain)

(profesors)  Tutor: Carlos Quintans, Co-tutor: Pucho Vallejo

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The workshop-house is situated in Guelbenzu (Navarra). This small town known for being surrounded by the Orgi Forest and being located at a high enough altituded provided much of the landscape surrounded by attractive gardens.
It is situated on a plot where ruins can be found. Furthermore, a large panoramic view and a wooded area surround it. The project develops around three aspect: first, hug the ruin and create a living space between it and the house; second, closed to the panoramic view and to the strong wind; third, integrated into the landscape.
The house is divided into three zones associated with the use of these spaces, which are the area of the bedrooms, the living room and the studio. The core values, which needed to be followed, are that the whole house looks over the same site and that it creates a space limited by the ruin, which can be considered as the garden of the house. The blind walls become the cover themselves; in them the ancillary services can be found (ventilation risers, closets, toilets, kitchen and stairs).
The materials used are: concrete (cover and walls) as a structural element and as a coating for it, Coteterm is used. Inside the house, the partition walls are made of plasterboard (Pladur) and the floor is made of wood, while the chosen material of the wet rooms has been marble.

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