Adult day care center, Pamplona (Spain)

(profesors)   Tutor: João Álvaro Rocha, Co-tutor: Pucho Vallejo




23 4 L5_ lámina constructiva

It is proposed a project to find a viable solution to an urban plot in the center of the city of Pamplona.  Besides this, it is required to create a new living space suitable for elderly people.
The venue is located in the northeast of the city where the old town meets with the expansion of the city. The area is known for level changes and because it meets the defensive Bastion. It is further characterized by the presence of a strong axis leading to great views over the gardens of Aranzadi and the banks of the river Arga.
The solution adopted is to give continuity to the wall creating a living space under the Bastion. It is an ideal place for elderly people because it is located in the center of the city, yet it is protected from all the noise of the latter. This is particularly made by keeping a diference on heights of the existing topography from the 448 to the 441. From 441 comes a passable cover that fits the dimensions of the entrances of both buildings. The pediment would be partially buried and the day center would consist of two pieces. The former (located at elevation 445) is the access to the building and is where the offices are located. In the latter, which is the buried piece, is where the day center carries its activities resting on the ground in a discreet manner and with a view to the landscape.
The building responds to the initial condition of the site and to two apparently different programs. Each program ends up complying with their respective functions but all of them are coherently contracted according to the same general concept.

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