64 Social Housing in Guatemala

(profesors)  Tutor: Miguel A. Alonso del Val, Co-tutores: José Ángel Medina Murua, José Francisco Glaría Yetano y Luis Suarez Mansilla.


The self-construction of housing in Guatemala should be commensurate with the weather and the conditions that has this country.
To carry out this project we have to consider two different aspects: the slope of the site in which the construction is mainly located and the limited budget.
The common rooms of the houses have remained at the same height. The gap is experienced when switching from space. Thus, the houses get suit to the terrain and place of relationship created, adapted to the features of sociability of Guatemalan culture.
2 – 80m2
2 – 60m2
                           per floor
 B +3 – 16 houses
 4 towers – 64 houses
 The structure is based on a grid of 3.4 x 3.4 m closed by block walls. Who, in the foundation act as retaining walls being filled with concrete and having a vertical reinforcement every 80cm down to the strip footing, thus, creating a suspended floor.
The walls get lighten by concreting the corners of each module and by using trusses Murfor by alternating courses. Maintaining a constant width in the corners of 60cm on each side. It is crowned with a block “U” and its belt. These blocks support slab floors with concrete joists which themselves support prefabricated vaults made of concrete as a lighten element. The deck is concreted serving as the floor to the house with a thickness of 20 cm. Finally, the concrete is treated in order to create a concrete slab.
This is supported by a composite forging joists which support the precast concrete slabs as a lightening. The floor is concrete, serving this as their own home floor with a thickness of 20cm. Finally, the concrete would apply a treatment to thereby serve hearth.
 The cover is lifted by three murals of varied height to create a slope. The murals are made with the block itself and arranged as truss for ventilation. They support profiles of 10 × 10 cm over which the corrugated sheets of galvanized steel are placed draining on each other ending the latter to a gutter and this one to the down-pipes.

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