1st year_Landscape Workshop: Renewal of the public space in Vitoria

(profesors)  Tutor: Eduardo Rojo, Co-tutor: César Martín    (location) Vitoria, Spain
Group work done with Natalia Clúa

01                                02-horizontal

03 04 05

06 07

The proposal stems from the analysis of the strong topography of the field of action.
The original urban space as shown in the pictures, responds to a chaotic topographic organization with serious problems of accessibility, use, distribution and management resulting from the existing steep slopes.
Particularly, a relevant aspect to improve on the performance area is the hierarchy of urban space. Currently, in the Herrán Avenue, there are residual spaces, narrow sidewalks, lack of bicycle lanes and driveways for public and urban transport.
Being the Avenue Herran a main artery for traffic in the city, it was considered appropriate to maintain the number of existing lanes and their direction. Public and private driveways as well as the bicycle lane are grouped over an axis in order to free up spaces, which can have diverse uses.
The whole project responds to a treatment of the topography through land movements. Such movements vary of scale depending on the uses that are contained in the enclosure bounded. Such uses are: first, a sport area for public use with changing rooms which is proposed as a solution to the current vast esplanade existing in front of the school; second, the bus station is restored due its relocation in the city, and public market is proposed to sell local and popular of Vitoria, which stands to taste the local products. In third and final place, an extension of sidewalks to facilitate the location of terraces for the existing cafes is proposed in the upper part. In the other side of the street a small park with different topographic routes and vegetation. Due to the topography of the place it is here where more water might be store, this it is planned to construct basins for its storage. This allows us to plant a greater variety of vegetation and to be self-sufficient.

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